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Questions About Kits

What is included in my kit?

Depending on the kit, you will have some/all of the following: pre-punched petals and leaves, paper/floral tape, wires, container for plant, "dirt", instructions, color photo.

What do I need to complete my kit?

Depending on the kit, you may need some or all of the following: tweezers, scissors, toothpicks, mouse pad, stylus, paint brushes, various glues, acrylic paints, stamping inks, resin (for ponds), mini vase or other container to hold flowers while they are drying.

I like one of your kits, but I need different colored flowers, is this possible?

Sure, we just need extra time to prepare the kit.

What kit would you recommend for someone who has never completed one of your kits before?

The sunflower wreath would be a good choice for a beginner.

General Questions

I'm taking one of your classes, what should I bring?

In addition to a standard tool kit, the following may be helpful: your glasses, a light, a magnifier, apron (if wearing good clothes), notebook and pen, wet wipes, water or other beverage.