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Miniature plants, flowers and accessories for your dollhouse or miniatures collection. Both completed plants and kits are available.



Come meet Ambrosia!

Our Show Dates:
Chicago International April 3-5, 2009 - Classes April 2
Sturbridge Mass. Miniatures Festival June 6-7, 2009
Philadelphia Miniaturia Nov. 7-8, 2009
Ask about our classes!

These are the classes we will be teaching in Chicago:


This aged and elaborate Victorian planter makes an ideal home for a beautiful assortment of some familiar and much-loved houseplants, including variegated philodendron, gold-dust dracaena, mother-in-law tongue, and lush Boston fern.  The finishing touch is a parakeet in a hanging bird cage.  You will learn various plant making techniques and some fun and easy painting tricks.  Bring needle-nose tweezers and small, sharp scissors.


Orange shaded pixie lilies and bright faced yellow “pinwheels” combine to create a striking summer arrangement in a casual wooden container.  Take a close look as you recreate the detailed lilies with their shaded petals, flecked with brown, and at the authentic looking stamen.  You will learn “tricks of the trade” and will be very pleased with your results.  Bring needle-nose tweezers and small, sharp scissors.

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